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Critter Clubhouse
The ultimate critter bed & breakfast!

Critter ClubhouseOur chewable Critter Clubhouses come in a variety of fun bright colored designs.

They have a healthy treat inside; made of banana chips, raisins, pineapple and papaya.

All of our clubhouses are packed with natural cotton fluff bedding.

Critter clubhouses give small pets shelter & security within their habitat and provide fun chewing playtime & healthy exercise!

Critter clubhouses are made out of all natural materials and are 100% critter safe. They can play, hide, climb and sleep in their very own critter clubhouse

They're perfect for hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats and most small critters.

Critter Clubhouses are also available at PETsMART, Doctors Foster & Smith, ThatPetPlace.com and other fine pet stores!

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Cheese Critter Clubhouse
Cheese - $5.49

Cheese Critter Clubhouse

House Critter Clubhouse
House - $5.49

House Critter Clubhouse

Watermelon Critter Clubhouse
Watermelon - $5.49

Watermelon Critter Clubhouse

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