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Polly Wanna Pinata, Bird Toy
It's a bird toy & bird treat in one!

Polly Wanna PinataGive your bird hours of fun chewing exercise and playtime then leave them with a surprise treat! We offer many choices of pinatas in.

They are 8 inch miniature Polly Wanna Pinatas that are made out of all natural non-toxic 100% bird friendly materials.

Polly Wanna Pinatas come in two styles:

- Treat filled Polly Wanna Pinatas have a healthy mixture of banana chips, raisins, pineapple & papaya inside.

- Fill your own Polly Wanna Pinatas let you add your own toy or treat filling with an easy-fill trap door.

Why you need a pinata: Bird's not only love to chew but need to chew. Chewing is an essential part of a birds good health! By providing a healthy natural bird toy filled with nutritious treats you allow your bird to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the natural instinct to chew.

Super Zoo 2008
1st Place
For Our New Mini 4"
Polly Wanna Pinatas


Birds love these toys!

Bird on Pinata, Bird Toy        Bird on Pinata, Bird Toy

Polly Wanna Pinatas are also available at PETsMART, Doctors Foster & Smith, and other fine pet stores!

We also have a HOLIDAY line of Polly Wanna Pinatas.
Santa Claus, Bear in Stocking, Candy Canes, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, a Dreidel, and for Halloween a treat filled Polly Wanna Pinata Witch.

Polly Wanna Pinatas are great for small to large sized birds that love to chew!!

Click on your prefered Polly Wanna Pinata style

Treat Filled Polly Wanna Pinata Non-Treat Filled Polly Wanna Pinata

New Mini 4" Polly Wanna Pinatas
Monkey & Duck

Our Polly Wanna Pinatas have been a top selling toy in the 8" size for our larger birds; but it is not fair! To make things right we came out with our new 4" Mini Polly Wanna Pinatas that are perfect for small to medium sized birds

Fun chewing textures for exercise, bright colors for visual stimulation, easy to fill with your birds favorite treats brings out the natural foraging instinct in birds and keeps them busy with fun playtime!

View the Mini Pinatas

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