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Pinata of the Month Club

Polly Wanna PinataYour feathered friend will receive a fun new Polly Wanna Pinata every month!

For just $170.00 a year, your bird gets a new Polly Wanna Pinata every month! That's 12 months of fun delivered right to their cage! See all our Club packages below and save!

Your pinatas will begin to arrive the first month after we recieve your payment.

FetchItPets.comWe have a large assortment of bright colored Polly Wanna Pinata’s from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine’s Day and everyday in-between. Fetch-it Pets has the perfect gift for your feathered friends! Check them all out in our Polly Wanna Pinata catalog section or download order form here.

3 Month standard Package
6 Month Standard Package
6 Months Holiday Package
12 Month Super Deal Package! $170.00

Our Pinata Club enables you to prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months.
We have a Holiday Package too!
In our Holiday Package you will receive a special Holiday Polly Wanna Pinata for the months of:

  • February-Valentines Day
  • March- Saint Patrick’s Day
  • April- Easter
  • July- 4th of July
  • October- Halloween
  • December- Christmas or Hanukkah

What better way for your feathered friend to celebrate these six special Holidays then to get a special Holiday Bird Toy!!

The first week of every month we will send out your Polly Wanna Pinata bird toy. Your pinatas will begin shipping the first month after we receive your payment. For the Holiday package your pinatas will begin the first holiday after we receive your payment.

Club Prices
3 months- $45.00
6 months- $90.00
6 months- $90.00 (Holiday Package)
Your pinatas will begin to arrive on the first holiday after we recieve payment.
12 months- $170.00 (Our Best Deal!), You save 10.00 dollars!!

This is a GREAT GIFT for your birds of all types. Including: Parrots, Parakeets, Sun Conures, African Greys, and other small birds. We can send these special Polly Wanna Pinatas to anyone you choose. We ship anywhere in the United States, Canada and Europe. No P.O. boxes please.

Go to our pinata catalog and see all our fun styles!

Pinata of the Month Club

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