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Polly Wanna Necklace bird toy, birds love it

My name is Vickie Canepa, my company Fetch-It Pets was born of out my love for birds.

SAFETY is our primary concern when creating a bird toy. We own our own factory so we are able to control all aspects of production from start to finish. All of our toys are manufactured in its own controlled factory environment, where quality control and the safety of every bird is of the highest importance.

We have been in business for 9 years and have sold over a million products that bring fun and enjoyment to a bird's life.

Thank you for using our products and I will continue to create stimulating, fun and SAFE toys for your birds.

Vickie Canepa
Fetch-IT Pets

  • Our Polly Wanna Bird Toys are bird friendly.
  • We do not us any glues or resins to assemble this toy.
  • We use a flour and water paste to keep it together.

To ensure the safety of these materials On May 12th 2009 we sent samples of our Polly Wanna Piñata's that are made in Mexico and samples of our Polly Wanna Piñata's that are made in the Philippines to Econotech an independent testing laboratory.

These are the results:

In all samples, was unable to detect any formaldehyde. The company employed a well known method and testing protocol using ion chromatography utilizing the Procter and Gamble method. This method is specifically used by experts for measuring formaldehyde in paper products. No formaldehyde was detected down to the very sensitive lower limits of the testing equipment.

Accordingly, Fetch-It Pets Bird Products meets and likely exceeds all other bird products on the market for safety.

Read the official testing report

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