With all the research being done on cannabidiol (CBD) and its profound benefits for improving human health, medical science has turned its attention to applying CBD to addressing the needs of our canine population.

As it turns out, dogs, cats, gerbils and even blue whales have the same endocannabinoid system that regulates homeostasis and good health. Better yet, it operates almost the same in all animals that have this function.

There has been significant studies performed on the benefits CBD can have on improving canine health and addressing many of the conditions shared by humans and dogs alike. Many of the popular pet CBD websites talk a lot about these studies. Because CBD lacks the same properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it can offer a wide range of potential benefits with none of the harmful side effects of the psychotropic “high”

Top Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Reduces Anxiety –– dogs can be stressed just like humans, and when they do they can bark more, tear up the furniture, make puddles in the kitchen and if unchecked the condition can lead to greater doggy anxieties. CBD helps to soothe and relax the nerves allowing for your best friend to be calmer, even if you are away all day.

Relieves Chronic Pain/Arthritis –– Big dogs little dogs and their human counterparts can suffer from joint conditions and arthritis as well. The biggest problem with these conditions is that the inflammation is often so severe that proper healing is interrupted. CBD soothes the inflammation and allows for improved mobility without pain. Furthermore, CBD has analgesic properties to reduce the painful experience.

Boost Appetite and Control Nausea –– dogs can have very sensitive stomachs and very fastidious tastes when it comes to their chow. A regular CBD supplementation can improve their appetites and reduce digestive conditions.

Treats Seizures and Epilepsy –– while the condition is considerably rare in dogs, seizures, muscle spasms and epileptic fits can make a doggy life miserable. The problem is worse considering that this is especially difficult to detect and even harder to treat with conventional medications. But, CBD functions like a tonic to the nervous system and can be applied to dogs to relieve symptoms of epilepsy.

Prevents Cancer –– Cancer can threaten dogs just like humans and watching your beloved dog go through the same symptoms as a human can be heartbreaking. But CBD supplementation has been found to effectively offset the threat of cancer in both humans and dogs. For those dogs who are suffering from cancer already, CBD treats can mitigate the harshness of the condition and restore a measure of joy to their life.

Stops That Itch –– dogs love a good scratch. But if the weather gets warmer, bugs begin to bite or even just as a nervous reaction they can go on scratching till the home is awash with doggy hair and pet dander. CBD treats can help to reduce the inflammatory response and painful reaction to minor abrasions and biting insects. As a nervous tonic, CBD can also help relax their demeanor and this may also reduce scratching